Top Job Listing and Onboarding Sites in the DRC for 2024 (KivuHub Included!)

Top Job Listing and Onboarding Sites in the DRC for 2024 (KivuHub Included!)



If you are continuing to read this article, then you meet all the necessary conditions presented in the previous section. You don’t know where to find information on employment in the DRC?

Here are 10 best sites for you where you can  find job offers in the DRC  :

1. Easily find a job in the DRC on

job offers in the DRC on

Member of the group , this website is a marvel. You don’t just go there to look for work but also to ensure your online visibility or the visibility of your products.

To say that it is aimed at employees, employers and individuals.  is a very popular website.


Already from the home page, you are shown the number  of job offers in the DRC  available. By clicking on an offer, all the job requirements (professional experience, detailed job description, etc.) are presented to you.

The list of offers can be reduced to a region, a province, a sector of activity or a trade. Registration to the site is free.

Another advantage of this site, you can send your CV to its  CV library . So, if it corresponds to an employer’s needs, they can contact you directly.

Made up of a very strong professional team, it provides you with several quality services including:

  • Customer service accessible at any time.
  • Supporting advice.
  • Frequently asked questions and user testimonials.
  • Targeted search for job offers.
  • Possibility of activating an email alert in order to receive each new offer published on the site.
  • And more.

2. Find all job offers from the DRC on displays humanitarian job offers in the DRC

This one no longer needs to be presented. Indeed,  is the most visited web platform in the DRC.

Relaying the general news of the country (health, politics, economy, sport, etc.), it extends its activities to almost all provinces.


The  opportunities  >  job offers  section  displays all offers submitted by advertisers. No fees are required from candidates either for filing or taking the interview.


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Unlike the previous site and for greater clarity,  mediacongo  categorizes job offers in 4 colors:

  • Red  : means the offer has  expired .
  • Green : for current  offers  .
  • Gray : for unspecified  offers  .
  • Yellow  : for offers with  less than 3 days of publication.

3., the best site to find job opportunities, scholarships and conferences in the DRC and Africa 

KivuHub does not have a dedicated jobs section on their main website, but they do have a page called “Jobs” that you might find useful.

Here’s how to find the “Jobs” page on KivuHub:

  • Go to the KivuHub website:
  • Scroll down.
  • Under the “Popular Posts” section, you will find a list of categories.
  • Find the “Jobs” category and click on it.

This “Jobs” page could list job offers from startups and KivuHub partner organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Don’t forget to check this page regularly to see new posts

4., the best site to find a job in the DRC and promote your business online

bizcongo, the digital reference in the DRC

Do you want to ensure the visibility of your online activity? Promote your pages on social networks? Looking for a job ? Here is an effective solution for you.  is a professional platform offering several marketing services. It is aimed at third parties, employers and job seekers as well as anyone wishing to promote their activity or a happy/unfortunate event in their life. Bizcongo  also offers a premium or free subscription service.

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For example, it allows you to:

  • Submit  job offers in the DRC , CVs and job applications.
  • Publish press releases and various announcements.
  • Promote your products on numerous platforms.
  • Create websites.
  • Post life events (birth, marriage, birthday, etc.).

For each job, we display  the company , the  field of activity , the  number of positions  to be filled, the  type of contract,  the  salary , the  city , the  deadline for submitting applications , the  context  and the  mission of the position .


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5., one of the best sites to find job offers in the DRC

find job offers in the DRC on radiookapi
Job offers on

Radiookapi  is a radio station established in the DRC for more than 15 years. It provides the latest political, economic, health, sports news throughout the country, etc.

It also offers large-scale programs that deal with the country’s hot issues. This is the case of dialogue between Congolese, words to listeners, okapisport, … without forgetting press releases, advertising spots and announcements submitted by companies or individuals.

Job seekers are not forgotten. They can follow the offers directly on the radio or go to the website to have all the possible details on the position to be filled.


It is one of the websites most adored by the Congolese people. It receives more than 200,000 visitors per day. This site is a safe and reliable source of political, security, health or economic information in the country.


Job offers in the DRC in Kivu 10
Kivu10  is a Gomatracian web platform.

This platform provides several services including online training and job offers. Registration for the site is free but registration for training requires a fee.

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8.  Find a job in Kinshasa and throughout the DRC thanks to TonJob. net

Do you live in Kinshasa and are you looking for a job? Please don’t leave your house! Just go to . You will find your happiness there.

The website is very rich in  job offers  whether they are addressed to Kinshasa residents or to all Congolese people in the DRC. You therefore have good reasons to visit this website regularly. Because, in addition to providing you with the latest calls for tenders, it gives you the opportunity to find a new employee, if you are an employer. But also to submit your CV in their  CV library  and finally wait for someone to contact you for an interview.


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Finally, the website offers advice on employment. They will allow you to improve your status, your CV and choose a career that meets your skills.

9. Find all humanitarian job offers in the DRC on Onem.Cd

job offers in the DRC on

ONEM  is the abbreviation of National Employment Office. It is therefore the body responsible for regulating employment in the DRC.

In addition to this mission, its website offers several job offers addressed to all people living in the DRC. Whether they are from Bukavu, Kinshasa or any other city in the country.

On , you can create your account for free. Thus, you will have by mail all the latest calls for tenders published by the partners. The site is therefore aimed at companies as well as job seekers.

10. Tutosinfos

Image of website website

Here’s a breakdown of the different sections you’ll find on

  • Offers: This section is further divided into three subcategories:
    • Job Offers:  Here you can find job openings in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The site offers a filter by location to help you narrow down your search.
    • Tenders:  This section lists tenders or calls for proposals for various projects and initiatives in the DRC.
    • Opportunities:  This subcategory might include scholarship announcements, business grants, or competition opportunities.
  • Tips: This section provides practical advice on a variety of topics.
  • Anciens Tests (Old Tests): It’s unclear what kind of tests this section refers to, but it might be related to academic exams or professional certifications.
  • Publish an Offer: This section allows businesses or organizations to post job openings or tenders on the website.

Overall, seems to be a valuable resource for people looking for jobs, tenders, or practical information in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  therefore offers the latest job offers published throughout the DRC and the best advertising services to promote an online activity.


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